Very interesting article on LGBTQ+ community and Stoicism.

I’m fairly new to stoicism and I’m learning a little bit about it every day and trying to apply the virtues on a day to day basis.

Maybe it wont be important for people here (I’m also not sure how stoicism sees ‘minorities’ though the article clarified it a bit. I know we’re all humans and that’s a big premise but it would be unrealistic to think we all have the same rights and are seen the same way in the eyes of society) so I wanted to leave this article here for minorities like me. I found it easier to understand and relate to this philosophy after reading. And it also has a very interesting take on contemporary stoicism. It talks about Rupaul as a source of the contemporary stoic Wisdom. I hope it makes some people uncomfortable since apparently a big part of stoicism is coming to terms with this discomfort we all feel in life situations.

You can read it here

Click here for the full post on the Evident Stoics tumblr

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