I’ve been reading a lot on the past week, but I’m struggling with practice. Any advice?

Hello all. I started reading about stoicism about a week ago and I got hooked by the subject. I've read most posts here (the FAQ, the introduction and also some parts and comments on Meditations from Marcus Aurelius).

However, I've been struggling on the practical aspect. More specifically, I've been having difficulty on identifying things that are on my control and things that are out of it in a daily basis (and possibly in my life). I understand this is crucial for the stoic conduct, and I feel stuck while I cannot realize this.

As an Electrical Engineer, I always relied a lot on Cartesian thoughts and thinking algorithmically, and therefore Humanities were always a difficult part for me. But I intend to change this.

Therefore, I'm seeking any recommended advice on how to put stoic theory into practice in my life. In other words, how to put the subject into test. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot for your attention and support.

Click here for the full post on the Evident Stoics tumblr

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