Oasis (band) and Stoicism

I've heard a lot of Stoic messages in Oasis songs of late. Oasis and Stoicism don't seem like a proper fit, we're familiar with their rockstar antics but this one song in particular "Masterplan" is abundant in Stoic language.

Take the time to make some sense Of what you want to say And cast your words away upon the waves And sail them home with acquiesce On a ship of hope today And as they land upon the shore Tell them not to fear no more Say it loud, and sing it proud today

And then dance if you wanna dance Please brother take a chance You know they're gonna go Which way they wanna go All we know is that we don't Know how it's gonna be Please brother let it be Life on the other hand Won't make us understand We're all part of the masterplan

I'm not saying right is wrong It's up to us to make The best of all the things That come our way Cause everything that's been has passed The answer's in the looking glass

Click here for the full post on the Evident Stoics tumblr

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