What constitutes respect

Who should I respect. Should i respect only the people worthy? The ones who do good, or should I treat every man and woman with high respect, unless they prove me wrong. Is respect something that should be given, until lost. Or should only be given when earned

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A “Memento Mori” Calendar in a spreadsheet

Like a good many of you, I saw this post and thought it was equally fascinating and morbid (though that is the intention, to a degree).

One of the things I saw in the comments was that some of you would be interested in purchasing one of the calendars, and others who would if it was a bit more affordable.

Having a bit of a background in spreadsheet programming, I made this Google Sheet that does/can tell you the exact same thing. All you need to do is input your birthdate (Month/Day/Year) into the cell next to the prompt, and the sheet does the rest.

I put the "maximum" at 80 and each box as a week, just like the calendar in the original post. If you want to extend your copy's, all you have to do is insert columns after the one with the 80 (CD, and extend the range CD2:CD55 to those new columns. Doing so will throw off the percentage at the top, so you'd need to account for the additional range there, too.

Privacy-wise: Since the link copies the sheet into your own Google Drive and there is no off-sheet database processing, the only security concerns involved are that which you share with Google. I neither get nor want any personal information input.

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Am I being too dependent on books?

Hello, everyone.

I have been practicing stoicism for quite a while now and now, I think I'm stuck in a cycle where:

I overthink things too much > I read Meditations > I'm okay > I don't have time to read > I overthink things/feel sad > back to reading > I'm okay again

Am I being too dependent on books? I asked my friend about this and she said I think I'm reading the book as if it's a bible, haha.

Can anyone give their two cents?


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My Memento Mori

I never gave to much thought to it , but when I was a baby I had a disease, the likes of which would have turned my "skin purple" as my mother told me. My aunt did not know what to do so she took me to a woman and this woman did the first aid procedures and saved me.

I should have been dead, even before I was conscientious of myself. I don't want to forget it and I want to use it to fuel myself to the goals and to love the people I love. And so when the time comes I might embrace it.

The woman lives in my building and I've never thanked her for saving me and I hope one day I can, when this all comes to pass.

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What is stoicisms view on organized religion?

A friend and I were discussing where people would obtain a sense of morality and correct values.

I argued that my conscience can help me to determine what is moral and immoral. I think when a human does evil acts he feels guilt, as the soul suffers. So I think morality can be subjective, depending on the situation.

He argued that morality cannot be subjective, it must be objective and defined by the word of god (he is Muslim, so through Islam). He said, if I don’t subscribe to rules of religion, be default I subscribe to the fluctuating opinions of society on what is right or wrong.

What do you guys think about this. There are many religions, each claiming this is the correct way to connecting with God, however each have different processes of doing so. It is impossible to prove which one is the absolute truth, so why worry about it? I believe that our souls are divine and can connect to the God without any external institution, person, or material.

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Applying stoicism to conflicts at work, looking for advice because I´ve lost perspective.

Hello, how are you all?

I´m trying to take stoicism to stressful conflicts at work because so far I´ve handled things really poorly. I´ve reacted and burnt many bridges, so to speak, and then I´ve let everyone step on me trying to avoid conflict.

So, please, do you have any advice on handling with difficult people at work? What do you think it´s the best stoic way?

Lately, any time there was some mean or rude comment I was telling myself: "do I really need to freak out over this? / Is there a real conflict here or is it just my ego? / if this person thinks I´m whatever, let´s look for the positive consequences of that" and it started going very well, I was keeping my mood at work no matter what but then one day I exploded, not at work, but it was like I couldnt go to work anymore. I guess that instead of managing the situation I´ve been repressing my emotions? Any suggestions, please?

What I think it´d be great is to go throught the day no matter what, like if I just could not get affected by people being mean or rude or jerks in general, and then forget about it, not taking anything personally, not respond to anybody, if a coworker says something rude, dont let this affect me but be able to do the decent thing and not return the insults, for example, behave the "virtuous way" instead of creating more conflict. What would the stoics do?

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